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You Should Choose a Midwife and Here’s Why

Why should you choose a midwife? There are many reasons that women are turning to midwives to provide their care. We don’t blame them! Midwives have gone mainstream. Unlike doulas or birthing assistants, whose main job is to comfort a woman during labor (which can...

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Thank you so much for a beautiful and safe birth .The birthing room was very comfortable and well laid out.  I found that I had many places I could move or bend or shower or anything my body felt it needed. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful conversations, pleasant phone voices, prompt emails, professional expertise, and honesty….  I was so thankful for your integrity. Stephanie Eggebroten

I have had two wonderful birth experiences at this facility. This team is amazing. Kinsey is awesome. I delivered my beautiful baby girl in a calm, soothing environment and felt supported through my entire pregnancy. My husband and I will return for all our future babies.” Kayla Keener-Pokupec

“Thank you for taking the time to give me an exam and answering all of my questions so thoroughly. I really appreciate all the time you took with me.” Verified Patient

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