About our childbirth classes:

One Family Community Birth Center hosts a series of childbirth classes at $25 per class. There are four childbirth classes each month at One Family Community Birth Center and the last Thursday of every month the class is FREE.

You might be wondering WHY childbirth classes are important, especially if you already have a child. The truth is that people who have already had a baby can use the refresher course (everyone needs a reminder now and then!). Adding a baby to the mix if you already have a child can bring its own set of challenges and we want to make sure you have the support you need to grow your family and include your current children in the experience!

The benefits of childbirth classes:

The benefits of taking a childbirth class are INCREDIBLE but perhaps the most important benefit is that YOU are educated about your birth. We want to make sure you feel educated and empowered enough to make your own decisions regarding how YOU bring your child into the world. Childbirth education class attendance has dropped in the recent years and epidural usage & C-sections have risen astronomically! That is because women are putting their fate in the hands of the medical community and letting them decide the best way to give birth.

If YOU are out there looking for more answers and YOU want to educate yourself on your birth options here is a breakdown of the classes:

1st Thursday – Birth 101 – Stages of labor, anatomy and physiology, coping skills, and pain management options

2nd Thursday – Comfort Measures for Childbirth – massage, acupressure positioning, breathing, birth/peanut ball, rebozo

3rd Thursday – Postpartum Prep – After care for mom, feeding your baby, hormones and emotions, newborn care, babywearing and diapering, getting your baby to sleep

4th Thursday – FREE EVENT – Whine & Wine. Various topics including postpartum, baby, mom, couple, and self care topics

We hope to see you at ANY of our events in the Anchorage, Alaska area. We have been proudly educating and empowering women in the community for years, and we hope to include you on the list!