Why should you choose a midwife?

There are many reasons that women are turning to midwives to provide their care. We don’t blame them! Midwives have gone mainstream. Unlike doulas or birthing assistants, whose main job is to comfort a woman during labor (which can also be done by a midwife!), most midwives are medical professionals with varying amounts of formal training.

Studies show that moms who use midwives have increased access to prenatal care, lower rates of cesarean births and interventions, and babies with higher birth weights (chubby cheeks anyone?!). While doctors tend to think of labor using worst case scenarios, leading to more medical interventions, midwives are trained and ready to help you through your labor, naturally!

A midwife’s greatest strength is a nurturing, woman focused approach. Midwives will spend more time with you than doctors and offer both emotional and physical support during prenatal visits, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period. If you have never had an appointment with a midwife you might be surprised at just how long and incredible the appointments are! Midwives love to educate their clients, answer ANY questions, and make sure you are comfortable with the entire process! Midwives also provide quality postpartum! Quality postpartum care can help your breastfeeding relationship and help combat postpartum depression!

Lets recap shall we? A midwife can deliver your baby with YOUR goals in mind, they provide quality care during pregnancy and for months after your pregnancy, they help facilitate your breastfeeding relationship, and they truly care about you and your baby. If everything on this list is important to you, you need to call a midwife!