Hey gentlemen, we are SO happy we grabbed your attention! The truth is that our title is a little misleading. You probably already know how to make a baby on Valentine’s Day, BUT we wanted to give you a few tips to help get your significant other ready to make a baby on Valentine’s Day! As a Birth Center, we’d be lying if we said we DON’T want you to make a baby. So today we are going to share some pretty solid advice, from a group full of women, to make your day as romantic as possible (and full of baby making!)

Top 5 Ways to Set the Mood this Valentine’s Day:

1.If you are planning to gift a spa package, make sure to give it to her a week or two before Valentine’s Day. That way she can spend the day relaxing and feeling pampered. Relaxed and pampered are two words that always help women get in the mood. Same goes for a lingerie gift card. Give her a few days to figure out what she thinks you will like BEFORE Valentine’s Day.

2. Skip the whipped cream! Splurge on the good lube. Trust us when we say whipped cream is just NOT worth a yeast infection.

3. Do something around the house. If she is cleaning something, and you are sitting, thats an indication that you are doing something wrong. No woman has ever yelled at a man while he is cleaning. Cleaning the house is its own form of foreplay.

4. If you have the money, try to get a babysitter and book a hotel room. The kids and the house are a distraction. She can’t disconnect and be “all in” in the bedroom, if the bedroom has a tornado of dirty laundry and a baby monitor in it.

5. Dinner is always a good option. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something she didn’t have to cook for herself. Nothing is more attractive than watching a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

Those are just five small ways that you can make Valentine’s Day more romantic for your special someone (and help them get in the mood for some baby making!) but remember that  going above and beyond is never a bad thing. If you can think of more ways to be helpful, attentive, and romantic, we can almost promise that