About Placenta Encapsulation

At One Family Community Birth Center we believe EDUCATION is the most important part of your birth process. When it comes to childbirth, you have to make a lot of decisions. One of them being if you want to save the placenta for placenta encapsulation. This topic always brings a lot of different reactions, mostly because it is not talked about enough for women to have a good understanding of the process and its many benefits.

Placenta encapsulation is the process of taking a a placenta, after it has finished it’s job of nourishing baby, and safely preparing it in a way that allows it to be put into capsules, so that they can be swallowed like a pill. There are MANY benefits to ingesting the pills after the birth of your child including:

  • Fight baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Increase milk supply
  • Feel more energetic after birth
  • Lessen postpartum bleeding
  • Increase your iron supplies
  • Sleep better
  • Decrease postpartum “night sweats”

Consumption of the placenta, also known as placentophagy, is a practice that dates back to ancient times and is still common in certain cultures today. Placenta consumption is not uncommon, at least not in nature. Many mammals do it immediately after birth. It gives them the much needed nutrition after such a laborious process

Placenta Encapsulation Cost

The cost of placenta encapsulation is $175. One Family Community Birth Center does offer a military discount of $25 your purchase of the capsules. We do provide a payment plan but the placenta encapsulation must be paid for in full upon drop off of your capsules.