Skin-to-Skin is vital immediately after birth

Research shows that mothers and babies depend on each other in the early postpartum period.The events surrounding birth have the potential to set the stage for patterns of subconscious thought processes and behaviors that persist for a lifetime. Immediate skin-to-skin contact has been shown to help build a strong breastfeeding relationship, prevent postpartum hemorrhage in the mother, and help regulate the body temperature of newborns. The list of benefits of immediate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby is long which is why we so firmly believe in immediate skin-to-skin contact at One Family Community Birth Center.

If you have your baby in the hospital it typically means there will be two separate care providers for mother and baby. Having two different care providers means that they will immediately clamp the cord and your baby will now become a patient before you have the chance to get the important skin-to-skin contact.

When a midwife from One Family Community Birth Center provides care, we make sure that mom and baby get the needed contact, we delay cord clamping, and we help foster the breastfeeding relationship right away. Babies can be assessed on their mother’s chests and even babies who need a little help after the birth can be effectively supported while still receiving the important benefits of skin-to-skin care.

The support doesn’t stop there! We continue our relationship with mom and baby to support them mentally and physically through the postpartum period. If you want to hear more about our method of care please give us a call.