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Meet our Certified Direct Entry Midwife

Kinsey Ward, CDM/Lead Midwife

Certified by the State of Alaska Kinsey Ward, CDM has been a licensed midwife in Alaska since April 2009. Kinsey had her first two children in hospitals in Texas, leaving her looking for an alternative birthing option. By her third pregnancy, she had moved to Alaska and had an amazing experience with Midwifery! It was so different from anything she had experienced with her other pregnancies, and has been an advocate for midwifery care ever since. It is Kinsey's hearts desire to bring respect, care, and love to women and children.

Certified Direct Entry Midwife (CDM) are sometimes referred to as "Licensed Midwives" or "Certified Professional Midwives" outside of the State of Alaska. Midwifery as practiced by your One Family CDM will provide initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment; order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests, promote healthy pregnancy, and individualized wellness education and counseling to low-risk pregnant women. Your CDM will supervise your prenatal, labor, delivery, immediate postpartum care and coordinate care for your 6 week postpartum period. These services are provided in partnership with women and families in birth-centers and home settings.

"The highlight of my services at One Family? The whole experience really. I really loved all the the people. Kinsey Ward was my midwife. When I went looking for a midwife, I could not have imagined I would have found one as wonderful as her. I could not say enough good things about her. I miss our visits. I told her I would be tracking her down when we decided to have a second baby. - Shanna Spurgeon

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