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This community birth center is transforming mainstream maternity care into what is best for mother and child.

Midwifery Services

As a non-profit community birth center, all midwifery services are provided by an independent midwifery practice. The midwife is state licensed with training in CPR, neonatal resuscitation, and emergency protocols. The midwife is a credentialed provider who, as needed, can coordinate care with specialists in all areas. The midwife believes strongly in the right of women to have access to empowered, evidence-based care. Check out the website link below to find out more information about the provider.

The Comfort of Home

Our community birth center offers a comfortable, relaxed setting for healthy women to labor and deliver naturally. We have two birth rooms; both with a private bath, shower, and built in birthing tub.
Cindy Earley, CDM

Cindy Earley, CDM

Bore Tide Midwifery

Thank you so much for a beautiful and safe birth. The birthing room was very comfortable and well laid out. I found that I had many places I could move or bend or shower or anything my body felt it needed. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful conversations, pleasant phone voices, prompt emails, professional expertise, and honesty… I was so thankful for your integrity. Stephanie Eggebroten

“I have had two wonderful birth experiences at this facility. This team is amazing! I delivered my beautiful baby girl in a calm, soothing environment and felt supported through my entire pregnancy. My husband and I will return for all our future babies.” Kayla Keener-Pokupec

“Bethel was my midwife in 2004 & 2015. She attended what was the most peaceful and beautiful introduction to the newest members of our family possible. Her service changed my perspective from childbirth being something done to me into a miracle I can do! It made me an advocate for natural childbirth for my community. I actually caught my second delivery with her attending myself. I delivered in the water and handed our son to my husband. He thinks I’m amazing. It was amazing!” Shauna Howell

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